Microloans to Individuals in Developing Countries

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Y, a private foundation, makes loans bearing interest below the market rate for commercial loans of comparable risk to poor individuals who live in W, a developing country, to enable them to start small businesses such as a roadside fruit stand.

Conventional sources of funds were unwilling or unable to provide such loans on terms they consider economically feasible. Y's primary purpose in making the loans is to provide relief to the poor and distressed. No significant purpose of the loans involves the production of income or the appreciation of property.

The loans significantly further the accomplishment of Y's exempt activities and would not have been made but for such relationship between the loans and Y's exempt activities. Accordingly, the loans to the poor individuals who live in W are program-related investments.

This is an illustration modified from examples provided by the Internal Revenue Service. It is not a legal opinion on the tax treatment of any specific agreement between a private foundation and other entity.

Social Entrepreneurship

Meet Leilah Janah, Samasource CEO and Social Entrepreneur

Meet Leilah Janah, Samasource CEO and Social Entrepreneur

Leilah Janah is a social entrepreneur popularly known as the CEO of Samasource, a nonprofit organization that works to bring enterprise data services which focus on helping disadvantaged workers. Samasource also makes it possible to change the lives of its workers and their families by helping them find dignified, sustainable work online.

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